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St. George’s High School,  Kaloleni-Giriama  is a four year high school located at Mwabayanyundo, Kaloleni Giriama, in Kilifi County. It was first started as an intermediate school by the Holy Ghost Fathers who came to Mwabayanyundo from Waa in Kwale County, where they had faced opposition from the community.


When the missionaries arrived at Mwabayanyundo, they constructed a dam to alleviate water shortages. Due to their having arrived at Mwabayanyundo from Waa, the dam was called Waa dam by the natives of Mwabayanyundo. Up to this day, the name Waa is used on the dam.


For many years, St. George’s served as an Intermediate School, but in 1957 it was upgraded and it became the St. George’s High School, Giriama. Between it’s founding as a high school, in 1957 and July 1975 the St. George’s High School was headed by white Catholic priests, thereafter it has been headed by highly qualified, dedicated and visionary Kenyan Principals.


Our goal at St. George’s High School is to provide an educational journey that will enable all students to achieve the best of their unique potentials in becoming contributing global citizens.

The principals of St. George’s High School from 1957 to date:


Rev. Fr. L. O’Connor                                        CSSP                1957    –           1958

Rev. Fr. G. Hannan                                          CSSP                1958    –           1964

Rev. Fr. J. Phelan                                             CSSP                1965    –           1972

Rev. Fr. J. Griffin                                             CSSP                1972    –           1973

Rev. Fr. B. Hearne                                           CSSP                1973    –           1974

Rev. Fr. S. O’Connel                                        CSSP                1975    –           July

Mr. R. Kahindi                                                                         1975    –           1976

Mr. D. Kivuva                                                                          1977    –           July

Mr. S. Sowa                                                                             1977    –           1986

Mr. A. Mwalagaya                                                                  1987    –           1990

Mr. J. Babu                                                                              1990    –           1992

Mr. A. Katana                                                                          1993    –           1995

Mr. H. Munga                                                                         1996    –           2005

Mr. V. Majeni                                                                         2006    –           2010

Mr. G. Karisa                                                                           2011    –           date